Practical and impartial advice to keep your 'tech compass' pointed in the right direction.

Without the right guidance it’s all too easy to go ‘off track’. And before you know it your new digital product doesn’t quite ‘cut it’, and those new back-office systems have proven to be a step in the wrong direction. What if you could tap into a wealth of experience, expertise and a network of delivery partners on demand, as frequently as you like? Technology Advisory is designed specifically for this purpose. A flexible monthly advisory arrangement to help keep you pointed firmly in the right direction.

How can I use this advice?

For the most part, in any way you like, common use cases include:

Identifying requirements

Mapping and prioritising short, mid and long-term technical requirements.

Choosing the right path

Selecting the right technology, systems and architecture for a project, or across your estate.

Effective budgeting

Forecasting, streamlining and making the most of your technology budgets.

Driving efficiencies

Integrating and automating systems, and improving ways of working.

Seeing the wider picture

Mitigating risks, realising new opportunities and crafting new digital offerings.

Direction of travel

Defining milestones, identifying priorities and refining your digital strategy.

The engagement.

Technology Advisory is designed to provide support as you need it through a combination of:

'Ask me anything'

Unlimited quick questions via email or Slack, and more in-depth meetings via Zoom or Teams.

Meeting support

I can attend relevant team, supplier, vendor and partner meetings, plus candidate interviews.

Regular scheduled calls

Regular comprehensive catch-up calls to discuss your most pressing challenges, at a time to suit you.

Document review

Review of any technical strategies, plans, or proposals from suppliers, vendors and agencies.

Feedback on deliverables

Fair and pragmatic feedback on work delivered by vendors, partners and agencies.

My network

Introductions to my network of trusted delivery partners, and help finding new ones.

What else should I know?

“Technology Advisory” is a service based on advice not execution.

It is not intended to be used to proactively execute projects, or as an alternative to a delivery partner.

Sound interesting?

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