Transform your ideas into robust, and scalable digital products.

No matter whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, building a digital product is (in my humble opinion) a very exciting time! However, the journey to a production ready product may not always be smooth, and it’s all too easy to go off-track if you’ve not got access to someone who can provide strategic technical oversight.


Several steps must be aligned and well executed for your digital product to be a commercial and technical success. I can help guide you through a tried and tested methodology, effectively taking you from an initial idea to a robust, flexible and scalable digital product.

Types of Digital Products.

I’m often engaged to support projects in the following areas:

Web Apps

Responsive web applications that utilise modern technology stacks.

mobile applications

Native and hybrid mobile applications across iOS and Android.


Both traditional and headless Content Management Systems.


Customer experience and e-commerce platforms for web and mobile.


Robust APIs to power other products or become a product in their own right.

My Approach to Digital Product Development.

I utilise a simple, proven three stage process to guide clients from idea to launch:

1. The Deep-Dive

We fully explore your idea, identifying potential users and their needs, before developing a prioritised feature set, and defining where the product fits into your wider company operations. We’ll identify key success criteria, dependencies, risks and constraints, thus reducing the chance of any nasty surprises later down the line. Once complete, we’ll be ready to write your technical blueprint.

2. The Technical Blueprint

It’s time to turn the results of the ‘deep-dive’ into a technical blueprint that’s ready to be built. We’ll create a robust (yet agile) specification based on a modern technical architecture, which can be rapidly deployed, and provides flexibility, scalability, manageability and security. We’ll define the ‘technical dream-team’ and identify any key implementation or on-going considerations.

3. The Build

It’s time to take the blueprint and really make things happen! Using my network of trusted partners, we’ll assemble our team of developers, testers, technical leads and UI experts who can quickly make our blueprint a reality. I’ll be on hand throughout to provide strategic technical oversight, ensuring best-practices are followed, that we stay on track and deliver on your vision.

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