Integrate, automate and scale to new heights.

For most of us an integrated digital ecosystem where mundane tasks are automated is the dream! Teams are freed to focus on real ‘value-add’ activities, allowing the company to move forward and scale new heights. Often, however the reality looks a little different. Lots of systems, overlapping systems, inconsistent integrations, data siloes and data duplication – it gets messy, it get’s complex, and driving the company forward becomes difficult.


I can work with you to take stock of your systems, map your processes, and identify opportunities for integration, automation and streamlining. Ultimately, I’ll enable you to create more time for you and your team to focus on things that move the business forward.

Common Opportunities.

When working with a client, there are typically opportunities to:

Build Automated Workflows

Integrate systems and create automated workflows. When something happens on one system, execute a series of actions elsewhere.

Automate Manual Processes

Create Robotic Process Automations (RPAs) to automate repetitive or monotonous tasks, even on legacy and out-of-date systems.

Utilise Lightweight Tools

Replace legacy systems and manual processes with modern, lightweight tools which can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

My Approach to Integration and Automation.

This will vary based upon your circumstances, but on a high-level, I will:

1. Identify and Map

I’ll work with you and your team to identify and map your most frustrating and time-consuming processes – the ones that act as a blockers to productivity, innovation or scale.

2. Prioritise

Often there will be ‘low-hanging fruit’. Processes which with minimal effort can be streamlined, or automated in some fashion. We’ll prioritise these and others based on potential value.

3. Execute and Review

It’s often not wise to take a ‘big bang’ approach, making lots of improvements at once. Rather, it’s recommended to start smaller, review and gradually scale our efforts.

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